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DJ's Cafe is a new contemporary casual breakfast and lunch restaurant in the Berkeley neighborhood of Denver, Colorado featuring Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Wi-Fi and espresso.The address is 3838 Tennyson Street, located in the historic and beautiful north Denver Berkeley neighborhood. We hope you will get a chance to join us when you can. Please post comments on any entry and be sure to sign the guest book. Thanks!! Jason & Devin

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Sorry it has been a little while but we have been going full steam night and day. Now that the roof is not in danger of coming down on our heads all of the contractors have been working in pairs all day every day.... and it shows.

Here is Devin working on the back bar ( the frame for the front is in the foreground). He was kind of losing his cool trying to get it up but it looks great now. Framing inspection is on Friday!!!

Here are the lights that the electric guys have hung up already.

This is the wonderful and perfect patch job I did on the old doorway that linked it to the bar ( I am thinking that it will match a little better when it is dry).

Here is one of the plumbers diving out of the frame. Behind him on the right is the office, in the extreme back are the restrooms and the left is the waitstation and kitchen walls.

Thats all for now... see you when the drywall starts going up (Sat?)


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