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Saturday, March 11, 2006

The First Half Is In

The first half was poured in today and the rest should be done on moday. In addition to the floor they have touched up a few other places that needed to be fixed.

Got to get some heat in the place. It has been around 35 deg for the last few days so we have to put some extra heat in the place to get the floor to set up right.

This is the dye that will be used. It is not mixed into the concrete but is a powder that will be sprinkled on a few hours after the pour. It soaks in to about a quarter of an inch, or so I am told.

The first pour.

Working the way up.

The first half is done! Well kind of.... I could not stick around any longer to get more pictures but from this point they have to put on the tint and do a final smoothing.


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