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DJ's Cafe is a new contemporary casual breakfast and lunch restaurant in the Berkeley neighborhood of Denver, Colorado featuring Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Wi-Fi and espresso.The address is 3838 Tennyson Street, located in the historic and beautiful north Denver Berkeley neighborhood. We hope you will get a chance to join us when you can. Please post comments on any entry and be sure to sign the guest book. Thanks!! Jason & Devin

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Almost There

Its been a while and Devin and I have been at it for at least 10 hrs a day. A lot is done and we are close now.

Here is the electrician putting up one of the exit signs in the kitchen

The new windows have come in thanks to Clear View Glass. We tried to put them in ourselves to save some money and ended up breaking the first one. During the process the dang thing fell out of the sill on my finger and crushed it against the brick.... To bad there is nothing to be done for a broken finger. Needless to say the Clear View guys will be installing the rest of the windows when the re-order comes back in on Friday.

The painter " Mr. Cotton" (303) 477-3825 did a bang up job on the ceiling and HVAC. He will be finishing up the side of the building tomorrow.

After a failed start on the stucco we got a new guy "Alberto" (e-mail me for the phone number if interested) that did a great job on re-surfacing the front of the building.


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