DJ's Cafe

DJ's Cafe is a new contemporary casual breakfast and lunch restaurant in the Berkeley neighborhood of Denver, Colorado featuring Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Wi-Fi and espresso.The address is 3838 Tennyson Street, located in the historic and beautiful north Denver Berkeley neighborhood. We hope you will get a chance to join us when you can. Please post comments on any entry and be sure to sign the guest book. Thanks!! Jason & Devin

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dry Wall and the Front

A lot as been going on and a ton of work has happened. Our neighbor Bill cleaned all of the interior brick with acid and then coated everything with brick sealer, the drywall guys are almost done making our crappy drywall job look good and we finished prepping the front of the building for its face lift this weekend. Talk to you then.....

The crown has been knocked off and soon we will have a clean square and yellow store front (yes that is really a real front door now).

This is Carlos Garcia (AKA The Sultan of Drywall) he and his crew have worked wonders with the mess we made. Need some remodeling done? (303) 922-3955 or cell (720) 291-2004. They have been great, inexpensive and fast.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Crankin it out

Well it has been a nasty week. Devin and I have been going at the drywall non-stop. We were there one night till about 12 and got there one morning at 5 in order to get it up in time for the inspection.

The drywall is going up (well its up now, we passed the inspection :)

The Concrete-It guys did a great job on the new patio. It will all be one color when it is washed and cured.

A piece of the future breakfast bar and of course the drywall behind it.

The pad that the walk-in will sit on.